An alleged iPhone 12 Pro appears in a video clip. The design is inspired by the iPhone 4

A phone that closely resembles the leaked descriptions of an iPhone 12 Pro model appears in a new video clip. It is of course “unofficial” and reveals a familiar design, but with different exterior lines, as if inspired by older iPhone models. However, being an unofficial clip, difficult to verify, we can currently consider that this information is “unconfirmed”, but if it turns out to be a real phone, the iPhone 12 models will offer fewer upgrades than we expected.

The iPhone 12 Pro in the video suggests that it is not a significant upgrade in terms of design
First of all, this clip shows that the iPhone 12 Pro models will not use a fundamentally different camera system than the iPhone 11 Pro. The phone in the clip has a camera with three lenses, positioned identically as last year’s models. Also, the glass panel on the back is still matte, but less curved at the edges.

That’s because the exterior of the phone now has straight edges, as shiny as previous models with a stainless steel frame. The positioning of the buttons is also identical, with a large Power button on the right side and the volume buttons, next to a slider for the “silent” mode on the left. No stranger elements like a LiDAR sensor, a 5G antenna cutout or other things we’ve seen in previous leaks.


It could be a fake clip
Even if the phone seems to be on and working like an iPhone, there could be a chance that it will be a Chinese model, with a case made to “copy” the design of the iPhone. However, it is hard to believe that “clones” can appear just before the launch of the phone. Another possibility would be a prank, a very well done fake, or it would be an iPhone 11 Pro model “recharged” in an aftermarket case.

There are already Chinese cases of this kind for older models, which can turn an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 into an iPhone 8 with a glass back, for example.

The display seems to have an identical notch to the previous models, and the glass seems to be flatter, with small roundings at the edges. Even the phone’s case, which is visible in the frame, seems to be the same as the one on the iPhone 11 Pro.

It’s a currently “unconvincing” leak, but it could be real. Thus, we should probably limit the expectations of a major upgrade on the new iPhone models, as Apple may not make such a big leap in terms of design and capabilities.

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