Russia could force Apple to reduce App Store commissions by 20%

While Epic Games is fighting with Apple in court in the US to persuade the company to lower fees for App Store transactions, Russia could have legally resolved this situation. A new bill could limit commissions in app stores to 20% of the value. Moreover, the Russian state could force companies that own application stores to invest in the local IT market by paying part of the proceeds to finance IT training.

The big commissions on the App Store are the reason why Epic sued Apple
Fedot Tumusov, a Russian parliamentarian, proposed a new law to solve two problems. First, companies that own digital distribution stores such as Apple, Google, Valve, etc., should lower the fees they charge for each transaction. Thus, compared to the 30% they receive now, companies could be limited to a maximum of 20%. The same law proposes that of the 20% that is collected, a third go to finance training programs for those interested in working in the IT field.

Basically, this law will force private companies operating in Russia to collect less money from sales of applications made in this country and also contribute to the development of the country’s IT field. Given that Tumusov is not part of the United Russia party, which is now in power, this bill may not receive the support it needs to be approved and enacted. However, the proposals could attract many politicians who have problems with Apple and other foreign software companies.

Recently, Apple even came under the scrutiny of the Russian authorities because it banned a Kaspersky parental control application from the App Store, after the American company launched its own solution, integrated in iOS.

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