TOP 10 best-selling phones in the first half of 2020. Huawei is missing from the rankings

We already knew that the iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone in the last few months, but only now do we have a clear context for how well it sold compared to other devices on the market. It seems that Apple not only repeated the success of last year’s iPhone XR, which was also in high demand, but surpassed it, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the difference between the first place in sales in the first half of this year and the second place is over 300%. However, this ranking for the best-selling phones does not ensure that the manufacturer of the top model is also the market leader.

Which were the best-selling phones: Apple and Xiaomi dominate the rankings
A new Omdia report presents the top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world in 2020. It takes into account the models, not the manufacturers, so you can see which devices users have been using more intensely lately. It is so strange that top manufacturers, which lately are in the first places in the global sales charts, are not present at all or have only one model in this ranking.

Huawei, for example, does not appear with any model, even if it was for a while the first manufacturer of smartphones in terms of units produced and sold. Then, Samsung has only one model, which is second only to the top. Finally, Apple and Xiaomi seem to dominate this top. Last year, however, Samsung and Apple dominated the top, including Xiaomi and Oppo models.

TOP 10 phones in the first half of 2020
iPhone 11 – 37.7 million units
Galaxy A51 – 11.4 million units
Redmi Note 8 – 11 million units
Redmi Note 8 Pro – 10.2 million units
iPhone SE (2020) – 8.7 million units
iPhone XR – 8 million units
iPhone 11 Pro Max – 7.7 million units
Redmi 8A – 7.3 million units
Redmi 8 – 6.8 million units
iPhone 11 Pro – 6.7 million units
top 10 best selling phones h1 2020

It seems that Apple has in the top all three iPhone 11 models, the iPhone XR model from 2 years ago, as well as the new iPhone SE, which was launched towards the end of this sales period. Then, Xiaomi has four models in the top, but these are all budget variants and are not even part of the main series “Mi”, but of the secondary, “Redmi”. The only Samsung model in the top is the Galaxy A51, the mid-range version. In comparison, the top for the same period in 2019 looked something like this:

iPhone XR – 26.9 million units
Galaxy A10 – 13.4 million units
Galaxy A50 – 12 million units
Oppo A5 – 10.5 million units
iPhone 8 – 10.3 million units
Redmi 6A – 10 million units
Redmi Note 7 – 10 million units
Galaxy J2 Core – 9.9 million units
iPhone XS Max – 9.6 million units
Galaxy A30 – 9.2 million units

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