AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3604 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code M.A/M/Ed 3604 Spring 2020 Assignments 1& 2  Course: Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children—II (3604) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children—II (3604) MA/M.Ed  2 Years
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3604 Spring 2020

Q.1 Compare the concept, assumptions and theoretical basis of dynamic assessment with normative assessment.           (10+10)

When the writing task is the primary barrier to learning or demonstrating knowledge, then accommodations, modifications, and remediation for these problems may be in order. How can a teacher determine when and what accommodations are merited? The teacher should meet with the student and/or parent(s), to express concern about the student’s writing and listen to the student’s perspective. It is important to stress that the issue is not that the student can’t learn the material or do the work, but that the writing problems may be interfering with learning instead of helping. Discuss how the student can make up for what writing doesn’t seem to be providing — are there other ways he can be sure to be learning? Are there ways to learn to write better? How can writing assignments be changed to help her learn the most from those assignments? From this discussion, everyone involved can build a plan of accommodations, modifications, and remediation that will engage the student in reaching his or her best potential. Examples of ways to accommodate, modify, and remediate follow.


Reduce the impact writing has on learning or expressing knowledge without substantially changing the process/ product by changing the following:

  1. The rate of producing written work
  • Allow more time for written tasks, including notetaking, copying, and tests.
  • Allow students to begin projects or assignments early.
  • Build time in the student’s schedule for catching up or getting ahead on written work, or doing alternative activities related to the material being learned.
  • Encourage keyboarding to increase the speed and legibility of written work.
  • Have the student prepare assignment papers in advance with required headings (name, date, etc.), using a template like the one below.
  1. The volume of the work to be produced

0 Instead of having the student write a complete set of notes, provide a partial outline to

fill in.

  • Allow the student to dictate some assignments or tests to a “scribe.” Train the scribe to write what the student says verbatim; then have the student make changes without the scribe’s help.

AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3604 Spring 2020

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