AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 3605 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code M.A/M/Ed 3605 Spring 2020 Assignment 2  Course: Education of Mentally Retarded Children—I (3605) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Education of Mentally Retarded Children—I (3605) MA/M.Ed  2 Years
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 3605 Spring 2020

Q.1 Can a teacher use play as an effective individualized as well as group teaching strategy? Give reasons and examples for your answer.                                                                         (20)

Science and social science graduates should hold a PhD or DPhil in a relevant discipline and have between 3-6 years post-doctoral experience at the time they take up the award. Applicants who hold a relevant research-orientated Masters degree and have carried out appropriate post-graduate work will also be considered. Other relevant disciplines include those that support clinical research directly, as well as nurses, midwives and members of the allied health professions.

Teaching method:

Medical graduates should hold a PhD or DPhil in a relevant discipline, be post-registration up to and including Specialty Registrar, and preferably have worked in a department carrying out clinical research. All applicants will be expected to demonstrate progression towards an independent career, for example from publications arising from doctoral and post-doctoral research. Applications from existing MRC research fellows and post-doctoral researchers returning from overseas are particularly welcome. As with all MRC fellowships, these awards are not available to individuals who hold a permanent academic position at the time of application. If you hold a permanent position, you may apply for funding under one of the MRC grant schemes. Fellows may be based at UK universities, medical or dental schools, hospitals, general practices, research council institutes and units, charity-funded research centres, or other approved academic institutions. As part of the MRC’s equal opportunities policy, consideration will be given to applicants who are returning to science following a career break. There are no age limits for any of our schemes and all fellowships may be part-time to fit with domestic responsibilities. There are no residence eligibility restrictions for this fellowship.

Meticulously developed by MRC:

Each program has been meticulously developed by MRC Education Group to provide world-class standards whole brain education. Our internal researchers adopted key world-class research from global education specialists and scholars to develop the core competencies of SMM Education Group’s initial program development. One of the core competencies is “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” — a teaching method primarily founded on the nine multiple intelligences research by Howard Gardner, an internationally renowned Harvard University professor and developmental psychologist who played a key role in education and learning research. Gardner’s research states that the nine multiple intelligences of humans are:

  • Linguistic
  • Logic-Mathematical
  • Musical
  • Spatial

Bodily/Kinaesthetic Interpersonal

I ntrapersonal

  • Naturalistic
  • Existential

The framework of “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” leverages Gardner’s education research, thus optimizing children’s learning by enhancing the multiple ways of whole brain learning and information processing.

To complete whole brain development, our internal researchers also developed the “Super Memory
Map” (SMM) to be another core competency of our programs. The “Super Memory Map” is an eastern

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 3605 Spring 2020

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