AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3607 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code M.A/M/Ed 3607 Spring 2020 Assignments 1& 2  Course:Physical Handicaps—I (3607) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Physical Handicaps—I (3607) MA/M.Ed  2 Years
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3607 Spring 2020

Q.1 Define the term of Physical handicaps. What are the major causes of Physical Handicaps in Pakistan?           (6+14)

Millions of children suffer from at least one physical handicap. Someone’s limitations from the handicap can range from barely being noticeable to very obstructive in everyday affairs. A person can be born with a physical handicap or develop it over her life span. These disadvantages have led to legal action such as the American with Disabilities Act, preferred parking and modified entrances into buildings.

The Facts:

A physical handicap is a physical or mental disability making participation in certain of the usual activities of daily living more difficult. In 2002, there were at least 51 million people who suffered from some type of impairment. Those who have a handicap have been afforded certain rights to help them conduct life as normal as possible. Congress in 1990 enacted the American with Disabilities Act in order to protect those who have been treated unfairly because of being handicapped or disabled.


People who have a handicap can still have a normal life. They may not be able to do what they would like to do much less do regular activities like others. However, they are capable of being happy and productive. Many face discrimination or get treated as second class citizens or worse seen as a “poor soul.” As a result, there were reportedly over 19,000 charges filed in 2008 claiming discrimination from disabled workers.


People often mistake being disabled as handicapped and vice versa. Although both refer to someone being at a disadvantage, they are not the same. A disability is the limitations of a function due to injury or illness such as being paralyzed or blind. Examples of someone with a handicap are not having the speed to make a track relay squad or the size and power to make a football team.


A person suffering from a physical handicap that severely impairs someone’s judgment and ability can become a hazard to themselves as well as others. Those who have a handicap that cause them to have problems seeing, hearing or talking clearly may hinder a person’s capability to drive or operate machinery. People who have these impairments should seek medical help before engaging in any activity or situation that could possibly become dangerous.

Mobility and Physical Fitness

Physical handicaps may cause various degrees of weaknesses and inco-ordination of the limbs which may affect mobility, posture and manual dexterity. Other physical problems such as heart diseases may cause poor exercise tolerance and low level of physical fitness. All these may directly result in pupils’ difficulty to cope with ordinary school routine and limit their ability in exploring and understanding the environment.

Perception and Concentration

Besides the above mentioned motor problems, neurological impairment may also cause sensory deficiency or over stimulation which may disturb perception and concentration inducing specific learning difficulties for the pupils.

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AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 3607 Spring 2020

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