AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 4642 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code MSc 4642 Spring 2020 Assignment 2  Course: Lifespan Development of Women (4642) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Lifespan Development of Women (4642) MSc  2 Years
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 4642 Spring 2020

Q 1. Discuss the myths and stereotypes of motherhood prevalent in our culture. Illustrate with examples. (20)

There are many myths of motherhood; those things that women believe about motherhood before they experience it for themselves. Part of the reason why we have so little idea what motherhood is like is because nowadays most of us live (at least in the West) in nuclear families with maybe one or two siblings. Our extended family is likely to be scattered all over the country or maybe even abroad.

Scattered Families

In days gone by we would have lived in the same town or village with all our aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. We would have lived in a family with many children, both younger and older than us. In less developed countries this model of family still exists as experienced in my time in Peru. As the children grow they start to learn their adult roles at a much earlier age. For example the girls will help look after their younger siblings from probably the age or seven or sooner. In this way they learn motherhood skills from a young age.

Here are nine myths of motherhood:

D”Glowing” Pregnancy

Pregnancy is extremely physical work for your body and is usually associated with various aches and pains; not to mention sickness. Some of the ailments are:

general tiredness breathlessness sore breasts

‘,bad skin

‘,heartburn and indigestion morning sickness

,symphisis pubis (groin joint pain) back pain

You’ll Instantly Bond with Your Newborn

It can happen, but it doesn’t always, so this one of the myths of motherhood is unhelpful, leading to guilt and confusion for those who don’t bond straight away. Be prepared to feel shell-shocked for the first few weeks, especially if the pregnancy and birth were difficult. As with any new relationship, it takes time to get to know your new addition and make that emotional bond. For more information on this go to Bond of Motherhood

Boys and Emotion

Many people generalize that boys should refrain from showing any emotion. Athletes especially have to prove that they are tough enough by demonstrating their power and strength. Being “manly” wins the respect of other men and the adoration of women. Crying is discouraged and seen as a sign of weakness. If continued, then the man may not learn how to deal with sad emotions because he will feel the need to “man up” and bottle those feelings inside.

Learned Behaviors

Many of these differences and stereotypes are taught and encouraged at a young age. Many girls are given baby dolls, makeup kits and kitchen play sets to ready themselves for parenthood and other aspects of domestic life while some boys take army soldiers, sports equipment and guns. According to, children may also be learning gender stereotypes in the home. In a study conducted by Penn State, fathers and mothers interacted differently with the children. Fathers give a more

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AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 4642 Spring 2020

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