AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 4652 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code M.Sc 4652 Spring 2020 Assignment 1& 2  Course: Women and Development (4652) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Women and Development (4652) MSc 2 Years
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments 1& 2 Code 4652 Spring 2020 

Q 1.  Relate the socio-economic impact of women’s education on a country’s development. Also highlight the major barriers impeding the education of Pakistani women. (20)

Being follower of Islamic ideology, Pakistanis are more influenced with their inherent cultural norms like following, patterns of joint and extended family system waiting for men’ approval for final decisions, avoiding giving inheritance to females, different code of conduct and values for men and woman etc., than decrees of Islamic laws. Here extended family system is linked to typical social etiquette and don’t present the picture of Islamic society .Pakistan majority has suppressive way of living under poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, drug dependence and psychological problems, and that traditional pressures and gender discrimination play a major role in producing psychological, physical and sexual violence.

Latest technology:

Basic needs in rural areas such as education, health water supply and transport are insufficient or in poor shape. But on the other side it is the influx of all forms of the latest technology, like satellite television and mobile phones have deranged the patterns of social and cultural development of these areas. In villages or underdeveloped areas one can see forms of combined and uneven development i.e T.V, satellite, mobile phones are available but way of living, their tools and methods of farming are obsolete. These abnormal patterns of development have further aggravated the lives of women in the rural areas. Social life in the countryside and the urban centers has actually worsened which further increasing intense social crisis giving sharp rise in the molestation of girls, gang rape and violent crimes against women. This in interesting phenomenon observed in our underdeveloped areas that one side f females are considered as high-profile insignia of family ‘s honor but for keeping this honor under ordeal of male members all kind of dishonor actions are taken to preserve this egoistic man­made pride.

Women labor:

In Pakistani society women in labor forces is high in demand because this way less paid labor is available to raise profit margin of business minds. Midwives, sweepers, house maids all are low paid but long duration jobs without giving them any kind of respectable social status.

Unjustified response:

Urban women also face many unjustified response from so called Islamic society. Secretaries, nurses and air hostess like jobs are imperative services of any society which suit to females due to their god gifted housekeeping and caring nature but it is seen that these status is considered as lowest category where large number of lady workers have to please their dominating male bosses to resume their job in good financial position.

Exploitation of females on single status or from weak backgrounds is so common in our society that respectable woman has to think many times before going out in search of job when no male member is available to her due to some unlucky circumstances. This insecurity many time lead ladies to opt for unethical ways like to be 2nd or 3rd wife, having extramarital affairs with influential men or to cross all limits of decency to get high-profile status in the society. It is one of difficult task for single woman to attain some kind of respectable position where she can save her from vulture like nature of men who change their skin and temperament after seeing her unprotected status i.e where tag of male partner in form of brother, father, husband or son has been detached by some mishap.

Serious kind of modification:

So Pakistani society from all sides need serious kind of modification in which individuality and identity
of woman should be respected in the same way as this society encourage the influence of men.

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AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 4652 Spring 2020

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