AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 4654 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code MSc 4654 Spring 2020 Assignment 1& 2  Course:Pakistani Perspectives of Gender Studies Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Pakistani Perspectives of Gender Studies (4654) MSc (2 Years)
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 4654 Spring 2020

Q 1. What are the different forms of exploitation and discrimination used against women workers in factories? (20)

The problems of working women, she explained that they have to face different types of difficulties and harassments. Harassment, in different manifestations from staring and stalking to sexual advances, is fear for many of them. Women do not generally feel intellectually challenged in their pursuits; rather they face psychological pressures, which restrict their active participation in work. Such annoying behavior is not limited to any specific society or any section of society; even the employers, highly educated bosses and government officials, also cause concerns. The fear of Police is more common in women than men, and they avoid going to the police station for registering a complaint for any offending incident. It is unfortunate that citizens feel more defenseless in the presence of a police official. A woman is always apprehensive of likelihood of harassment from the policemen. Police needs to be sensitized on gender issues, and made human friendly in their responses to the public complaints. A woman would go to a police station only if she is provided with a secure and trustworthy environment.

Developments in contemporary society and women:

The economic role of women is clearly defined, and is well-acknowledged, as far as faith and tradition is concerned, but the developments in contemporary society have created new issues, to be considered in this respect. However, the share of female population, in economic activity, is not proportionate with their number. Due to tough economic conditions and other social reasons, women are entering the economic arena in large number, without any identification of those areas, which can prove to be more productive for them.

Working women in work place and challenges:

Working women are facing serious problems at workplace, and on way to or from the workplace. Their family life, especially children, suffer a lot; besides, they have to perform dual jobs in form of fulfilling their family obligations along with the job. Moreover, the work conditions are mostly exploitative, and since the trade unions and associations, too, are generally not gender sensitive, the problems of working women in formal, non-formal or even in business sectors are less likely to be addressed properly.

In legal arena, the plight of women is even graver. On account of corruption and inhumane attitudes, prevailing in police department and judicial environment, women show great reluctance in indulging into litigation or contacting police, to claim their rights or seek remedy. Family laws, laws relating to inheritance, and other disputes, which may involve women, are perceived to be failed in safeguarding women rights. Complicated and lengthy court procedures and uncomfortable environment, combined with lack of awareness among women, are among those reasons, which complement the problems of women in legal affairs.

Violence against women:

In social context, though, the role and status of women is increasing, yet, there are certain sections of society in which, females are looked down upon, and their rights are denied on one pretext, or the other. Society, in such areas or communities, remains hostage to traditions and customs which, in some cases, are strong enough to bypass the law, and even the religion. Lust, for large dowry and ancestral land, has given birth to customs and evil practices like karo kari, burning of women in homes, denial of their right of inheritance, and marriage with Quran. Women are used as an object, to settle disputes.

In political process, the role and representation of women has been enhanced remarkably during
recent years, but this has not proved to be an adequate arrangement. The feudal and tribal structures,

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AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 4654 Spring 2020

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