AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 6505 Spring 2020

AIOU Solved Assignments code MA/M.Ed 6505 Spring 2020 Assignment 1& 2  Course:Islamic System of Education (6505) Spring 2020. AIOU past papers

Islamic System of Education (6505) MSc (2 Years)
Spring, 2020

AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 6505 Spring 2020

0.1 Write down the distinctive features of Islamic society and compare the contemporary society with ideal Islamic society.   (10+10)

The name for the religion of Islam is much more than just a name because it expresses a deep spiritual meaning as well as an overall outlook on life and concept of worship. The word “Islam” is an Arabic word which means “complete submission to the will of Almighty God”. Other religions are named after their founders, such as Christianity and Buddhism; after a tribe or ethnic group, such as Judaism; or after a specific geographical region, such as Hinduism. Islam, however, is unique because its name represents its outlook on life and reflects its universal nature. Additionally, the name “Islam” was not thought up by its followers or applied by other people, as is the case with the names of other religions, but was revealed by Almighty God. This name expressed nothing new, because submission to the will of God, i.e. “Islam”, has always been the true religion of God. Due to this fact, and since the teachings of Islam are straightforward, profound and logical, Islam is the “Natural Religion” of all human beings. The name of no other religion carries any significant message, or conveys the true sense of its outlook on life, as does the name “Islam”.


The command to worship none other than Almighty God and to submit to His will has been revealed by God to all of His prophets throughout mankind’s long history. The pure essence of the beliefs and teachings that were revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad are the same as God taught to Abraham, who was one of the earliest and greatest prophets. So actually, Muhammad is the final prophet of Islam — not the first. Additionally, Islam is the true “religion of Abraham”, because Abraham completely submitted himself to the revealed will of Almighty God. Islam is truly unique among the religions of the world because it is addressed to all of mankind. The scripture of Islam, called the Qur’an, repeatedly addresses all human beings by saying: “0 mankind!” Additionally, in the Qur’an, Almighty God is never addressed as the God of a particular people or nation. From the very beginning of the mission of Prophet Muhammad, his followers came from a wide spectrum of individuals — there was Bilal, the African slave; Suhaib, the Byzantine Roman; Ibn Sailam, the Jewish Rabbi; and Salman, the Persian. Since religious truth is eternal and unchanging, and mankind is one universal brotherhood, God’s revelations to man have always been consistent and universal. Submission to the will of God, and worshipping Him alone without intermediaries, has always been the only religion acceptable to Almighty God.


Unique among the religions of the world, the concept of God in Islam is completely based upon Divine Revelation. Not only is the concept of God in Islam characterized by purity and clarity, but it is also not marred by myths, superstitions or man-made philosophical ideas. In the pure and straightforward teachings of Islam, Almighty God has clearly revealed His unique nature and qualities to man in the way which He wants them to be understood. While other religions have either mixed man-made doctrines with divine revelation, or ignored the divine revelation almost completely, Islam’s concept of God is based totally on what God has said about Himself. Islam’s concept of God can be called pure and straightforward because there is a clear distinction made between the Creator and the created. As such, there is no ambiguity in divinity — it is made clear that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God. In Islam, calling someone other than Almighty God “Lord” or “Savior” is completely prohibited because such terms compromise God’s uniqueness and because all of our trust should be put in Almighty God — who is the Most Merciful and the Controller of all affairs. The only Creator — Almighty God — is Unique, Eternal and Transcendent above His Creation. Everything else besides Almighty God — meaning anything that you can see or even

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AIOU Solved Assignment 1& 2 Code 6505 Spring 2020

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