Sancionaré mañanera de AMLO si no cumple medidas de salud: secretario de Salud de NL

Monterrey.- The State Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, pointed out that if the health safety measures are not complied with, he will sanction the morning conference that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will hold next Thursday in the Field of the Seventh Zone Military, during a work tour in the entity.

During the press conference to announce the update on the cases and deaths from Covid-19, the state official was asked whether he would recommend that the conferences offered by President López Obrador be held virtually instead of being held in person. .

“I understand that there will be a morning conference, it will be at the Military Camp. If they take care of all health safety measures, go ahead, if not, it is a tremendous health risk; and obviously I will sanction that type of conference, it is not correct to expose the representatives of the media that help us, they are our allies, they are part of this army (against the coronavirus). Exposing them is something serious that is not well seen by a server and the entire health team, ”said De la O.

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Regarding the update figures, the official declared that these days 48 deaths were registered, with which Nuevo León reached 12 consecutive days registering 40 or more deaths from Covid-19, to add 2,132 deaths since last April 4. April when the first case was registered.

The entity adds 47 thousand 23 infections, with the 499 that were reported this Tuesday, while there are 1,362 people hospitalized, of which 291 are intubated in critical condition.

According to the official, Nuevo León has risen on the list of entities with the most infections and deaths, close to surpassing Jalisco and Veracruz, to be placed only below Mexico City and the State of Mexico, being that a few weeks ago it was between the 10 states with fewer cases because more tests are done in the entity than any other state.

He added that the federal government’s policy is to test every 10 patients with Covid-19 symptoms. “If there are 10 patients, they say, do not test more than one, the rest you already know they have it,” he said.

In Nuevo León, he mentioned, “one hundred percent tests are carried out.” The secretary said that there are people who without suffering symptoms have taken the test more than 10 times, because they have some feeling of guilt for having gone to a party, or out of simple curiosity.

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