Suman 61 mil muertes por Covid en México; hay 568 mil casos

The Ministry of Health reported that on day 87 of the “new normal”, the country recorded 61,450 deaths from SarsCoV2, as well as 568,621 positive cases, an increase of 4,916 over the previous day.

José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology, highlighted that according to estimates from the SSa, there are 63,190 deaths and 603,253 cases confirmed to Covid-19, while since the beginning of the pandemic to date, 393,190 people have been have recovered.

Regarding hospital occupancy, he mentioned that throughout the country there are 31,493 general beds to treat respiratory disease, of which 19,912 are available and 11,581 are occupied, so there is an occupancy of 37%.

While in critical beds, or those that have a mechanical ventilator, there are a total of 10,605, of which 7,1163 are available and 3,442 are occupied, the availability is 68%.

Nayarit has the highest hospital occupancy in general beds with 70%, followed by Colima with 66% and Nuevo León with 62%, in critical beds Nuevo León and Aguascalientes have an occupancy of 56% and Colima 55%.

Alomía Zegarra reported that 97,632 health workers have tested positive for SarsCoV2, with Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Tabasco being the entities with the highest burden of the disease. In total, 157 thousand 314 were negative to the PCR test and 10 thousand 933 are suspects.

Active cases are around 4.3% less than the national average with 4,370 health professionals who started with symptoms in the last 14 days.

Of the nearly one hundred thousand health workers with Covid-19, 42% correspond to the nursing area, 28% work in other areas, 27% are doctors, 2% laboratory specialists and 1% dentists. Among the main comorbidities are hypertension and obesity.

The director of Epidemiology explained that 1,320 deaths among health personnel have occurred at the moment, and 36 deaths are still awaiting the results of the reactive test, of this total, 70% correspond to men and by activity that 49% were doctors, 30 % other health workers, 17% dentists, 2% and 2% laboratory workers.

* See here the full broadcast of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico from the National Palace:

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